All-Masonic Pinball Tournament

This tournament is a benefit for Project Pinball, a non-profit organization that helps bring pinball machines to children’s hospitals across the country.

This event is open to all Masons, prospective Masons, friends, and family.


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The more players we have, the more money we can raise. This is also a great opportunity to share a fun activity with prospective members Click here to see shareable resources.

Sponsors Wanted!

You can help support this event by sponsoring a machine for as little as $50. Click here for sponsor information.

Event Details

Saturday, June 15, 2024
10:00 am – Registration & warm-up
10:30 am – New players clinic (get tips to help you play better!)
11:00 am – Tournament begins
Next Level Pinball Shop & Museum
1458 NE 25th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Entry fee
$45.00, which includes admission to Next Level

Your entry gets you a wristband which is good for in & out access to the arcade for the whole day.

Tournament format
Group match play – Players will be divided into groups of 4. Each group will play one rouhd on a given machine. At the end of each round, new group/machien pairings will be made. No eliminations–everyone gets to play for the whole tournament.
Ranking per machine/round will be by total points on the machine your gruop is playing, 1st through 4th place. Each player will receive points based on their finishing place on that machine:

1st place – 4 points
2nd place – 3 points
3rd place – 2 points
4th place – 1 point

At the end of 12 rounds, the player with the most points will be the tournament winner. In the event of a tie, head-to-head tiebreaker games will be assigned on machines selected at random.

  • Players must play in the order assigned. Playing out of turn may result in disqualification.
  • Extra balls – You may plunge an extra ball to gain skill shot points and end-of-ball bonus. No flipping is allowed on extra balls.
  • Specials have no value.
  • No bang-backs, death saves, or any abuse of the equipment is allowed.
  • A tilt is a tilt, no matter the reason. If you have a stuck ball or other mechanical issue, contact the tournament director. If you elect to clear the issue yourself and you tilt, that’s on you.
  • Please use good sportsmanship. No distractions, coaching, or interference with players while they are at the table.
  • If the machine you are scheduled to play is in use, wait for the player to finish their game. There is no need to ask anyone to step away from a current game.
This tournament is not a sanctioned IFPA event. No points will be awarded and your finishing position will have no effect on any standings in any pinball league.

Promotional Information

Please help spread the word about this event! The more people we have, the more money we raise.

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Sponsor Information

You can sponsor a table for as little as $50. Here’s what you get at each level:

$50 – 1/4 page black & white ad with your company/Lodge name and text posted on/near one of the tournament machines, PLUS your company/Lodge website linked from this page

$100 – 1/2 page black & white ad with your company/Lodge name, logo, and text posted on/near one of the tournament machines PLUS prominent listing on our event sponsors list PLUS your company/Lodge logo & website link on our sponsors list on this page and social media posts

$200 or more – Full page, full color ad with your company/Lodge logo, name, and text posted on/near one of the tournament machines PLUS top placement on our event sponsors list PLUS special mention on event website & social media

Email us with your sponsorship inquiry

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Special thanks to these sponsors for their generous support of this event!

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