Can Drive

Greetings Brethren!

WB Surrett came up with the idea to do a can drive. This current drive will run from now until Nov 4th. We can do this as many times as we want.

Today he picked up the bags and will drop them off at the lodge either tonight (9/25) or first thing in the morning tomorrow (9/26). We have to use these bags to put our cans in.

We’re going to start with cans only – they need to be cans with a deposit attached to them – please do not crush them. Same rules as you’d follow if you were going to take them. No glass at this time please.

Please hold on to your cans and bring them the first week of Nov – if you get so many cans you need us to pick them up please let me know and I’ll bring the truck!

Hopefully this works well and is something we can all continue doing to raise money for the lodge.