May Lodge Update

Hello Brethren,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and of good spirit.

Since we have had no formal meetings for quite some time, it seems appropriate to provide you with some updates on lodge activities:

  • As per the Grand Master’s edict, we will not hold any official meetings during the month of May. If the situation changes, you will be notified by your preferred method of communication. 
  • We do not yet know if Tuality will be selected by the Grand Lodge to participate in the Grand Communication this year.
  • We may hold a distance ritual practice! It will give us time to stay fresh and enjoy some much needed fellowship. Look for more info on our Facebook page and through email for a time and video conference info.
  • Some brothers are using this as an opportunity to work on some much needed maintenance of the lodge building, which is fantastic! For the safety of all our members and their families, please follow responsible distancing guidelines and disinfect any surfaces and tools you may have touched while in the building. There should be wipes under both sinks!
  • Keep checking your email, the lodge website, and Facebook page for more updates.

As always, keep checking-in on each other. Our outreach team continues to check-in with our most vulnerable members. If you hear of any reports of sickness or charity, let the officers know. We have many brothers standing by that have already offered to help.

In this challenging time, I am always heartened to speak with a brother on the phone and to see how quickly and without reservation, our members volunteer to help one another.


Rian Ford

Senior Warden – Tuality Lodge