June Lodge Update

Saturday, June 20th Tuality Lodge met under unusual and unprecedented circumstances. As you may have heard, there is a global pandemic that is particularly dangerous to people of retirement age. The Corona Virus, however, did not stop our brothers from enjoying each other’s company.

Many of us grumbled. We all looked a little silly. Everyone was uncomfortable. Wearing a face mask is simply not something any of us enjoy. However, in a testament to our genuine affection for one another, everyone in lodge wore a face covering. To me, there was no better example of putting the needs of a brother above your own, than that of trying to shout out ritual while wearing a mask.

At the meeting, we voted to go dark for the summer. We hope to resume regular activities in September.

Many brothers are working to improve the lodge building this summer. We ask that you follow the guidelines of our public health experts in order to keep each other safe and healthy. Disposable masks and gloves are available for any to use in the foyer, and disinfecting wipes are located under the kitchen sink.

As always, continue to check in on your brothers during this time. It can be lonely and challenging for many.

I hope very much to see everyone at the stated meeting in September, even if we can’t see each other smile.