Alcohol Policy

We allow alcohol at events, but there are some very specific rules to do so.

Rent & Deposit

The rent is $200 per hour and the security deposit is $750. The deposit is 100% refundable if everything is left in good condition.

Who Can Serve

Only a state-licensed server may serve alcohol at your event. We need to see proof of your server’s license and liability insurance at least 30 days before your event.

Furthermore, this person CANNOT be a member of your group. For example, if Uncle Bob is a bartender and carries a license, he cannot do the serving at your family get-together in our space.

Additional Insurance

If you have alcohol at your event, you must obtain (at your expense) a liability insurance policy which names “Tuality Masonic Lodge #6″ as the insured and “The Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon and their officers, members and employees” as additional insured. The policy must cover up to one million dollars per incident.

You can get policies like this either from your regular insurance company or from a reputable vendor. Costs vary, but estimate $400-500 for each date you wish to insure. We need to see a copy of this policy at least 30 days before your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we bring our own alcohol anyway?

Several things:

  1. Your event will be immediately shut down
  2. You will forfeit all of your rental fee
  3. You will lose all of your deposit

These conditions are set forth in your rental contract.

What if someone goes outside to drink something they brought?

You are responsible for the behavior of your guests while they are at your event. If our staff determine that you or your guests have violated your rental agreement, they may take corrective action. This will be done as discretely as possible, but could result in your event being canceled. Please let your guests know that you expect them to act responsibly.

Also, no one may take alcohol outside the building. This is the same rule that applies to any bar or restaurant.

Can you suggest a caterer/server that we can use?

Not at this time. This is part of state-level policy and we are working to make improvements.

Why are these rules so strict & complicated?

State law is very specific about serving of alcohol in public places. In addition, the state-level Masonic authority is very sensitive to liability issues. If we (and by extension, you) violate those, we could lose out ability to do rentals at all.

We know this is complicated and difficult, and are working to try and make things better. For now, all we can do is ask for your understanding.

Please contact us if you have any questions.