November Update

I hope this message finds everyone well.

Tuality #6 held their stated meeting on Saturday, November 7th. It was fantastic to see everyone and have some fellowship, especially with all of the COVID safety precautions in place.

Elections for lodge officers were held and the voting turned out thus:

WM – Rian Ford

SW – Bill Sparks III

JW – Victor Martinez

Treasurer – Bart Welch

Secretary – Tom Wills

Trustees – Bill Sparks and Fred Raycraft

Congratulations to our new elected officers. Your work this upcoming Masonic year will make a positive difference for all the brethren.

The installation of officers will be held during the stated meeting in December. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the event will not be open to the public. Many photos will be taken for your friends and loved ones!


Rian Ford